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Welcome! Today is a great example of leap and the net will appear. When I had the idea to create a unique space for creatives to access information, resources, advice and meet other like minded people I wasn’t exactly sure how I would make that happen, but here we are: LAUNCHED!

I will let you know now that like most things in life, this space is a work in progress. I don’t know everything and I’m not here to tell you I do. What I do know however is that there’s power and magic in sharing knowledge and that’s where the thrill and excitement is.

I’ve been blogging since 2002 and I’ve learned a few things (and made some whopping mistakes) in that time and I’m happy to say I’m still learning (and that’s where the fun is!). In the middle of 2014 I made the decision to turn my blog into a business and I’ve been on a fabulous adventure ever since.

I’ve noticed in that time that there’s a ground swell happening when it comes to creatives who want to share their passions and connect with their communities via blogging and there’s not that much in the way of information tailored to creatives. That’s where Craft Your Blog comes in.

This is made by a creative, for creatives. That doesn’t mean there’s things that will be shared here that won’t work for other niches, it just means that the number one priority is serving the creative community.

I’m working hard in my own blogging space to make it successful and I want to share that journey with as many like minded people as possible. The more of us out there rocking the world, the better!

What you can expect from Craft Your Blog

I’m going to be out there reading, learning and talking to bloggers in every niche to try and work out what works and what to avoid and I’m going to be sharing that here with you. I’m going to be implementing my learnings on my own blog and I’m going to be sharing the outcomes with you. That means you’re going to get a chance to see my analytics and earnings. (Scary for me, but hopefully it’ll be great for you!)

Craft Your Blog is going to start out slowly and I’m going to share the behind-the-scenes workings with you so you can see how it grows (hopefully!). I’m going to be answering your questions and encouraging you to get out there and get involved.

I’m going to be providing you with custom resources (like printables and ebooks) that you can use to help you plan, implement and grow your own blogs. Craft Your Blog is not about monetising your blog, unless that’s what you want to do! Sure there’ll be information on how you can do it, but it’s up to you whether you do or not.

Craft Your Blog is an all-you-can-eat information buffet. It’s up to you what you fill up on and what you leave. Heck, you can even start with dessert first if you want! It’s open 24/7 and you can come back as much as you like and fill up on as much as you can handle.

It’s going to be a heck of an adventure and I’m so very thrilled to be able to see something I dreamed up come to life and I really hope that it becomes a place that you can come to to be inspired, learn, share and grow.

Let the fun times roll!